Destiny of Us | EP.1 (FULL EP) | 26 Apr 2021 | one31

When “Narin”, the esteemed brother of “Nares”, fell from a waterfall and disappeared even his assistant “Itthi” tried his best to save him. Nares must fly back to Thailand to search for Narin and take care of his family business ’Nara Resort’.

This return made him met with “Sine”, his unforgettable first love but now became his brother’s assistant. The rumor that she was Narin’s secret wife made Nares felt disappointed. However, the mission to find Narin forced them to cooperate unwillingly. Moreover, Narin’s mother “Pimtiwa” and Narin’s ex-girlfriend “Ice” also tried to get rid of them from the resort management.

Nares and Sine were in the same boat and they started to understand each’s feeling. Until Sine was almost killed from electroshock, this situation led them felt curious that Narin’s missing might not the accident but the set up plan from someone. They must work together to figure out the truth which resulted in the beginning of their unintentional love.


MV หัวใจเลือกจำ​ | OST. Destiny of Us - มาเรียม เกรย์ 【OFFICIAL MV】]​


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    bruh why is this man acting like a little bitch with all his talking

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    honestly, this lakorn just entered as one of my top favorites. The chemistry was so well written.

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    Wa!so many arrogant people are here in this drama 😝🤭😄 amm.. interesting

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    English subtitle pls

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    What a funny fight 😂😂I really enjoyed it 😅😅

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    it's just for 1 episode but the kissing scenes already has 3 scenes wkwk

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    What's the name of tje actress??

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    I just realize that there was English subs! Deeply appreciate the hard work!!!

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    Is there anywhere I can watch the rest of this? It stopped posting on Ep. 12

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    Why should they fighting all the time😰😨🥸😱

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    Swadee kha.. Salamat sa eng sub.. International fan from Singapore. ❤️

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    Qual é o nome dessa série e onde eu consigo assistir legendado em português?

    AHRI TV18 วันที่ผ่านมา

    พระเอกเหรอ.นเรศ ไม่หล่อเลย ปาก ตา ดูไม่เหมาะกับการเปนพระเอกเลย

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    Thanks for the englis subtitle... I love this drama With eng sub i can understand the story of drama..

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    @Nur Aslan Name payu sai.. The strom sand

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    Can you say what is drama name

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    1:12:17. เมเมตตาา

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    I'm learning Thai, but no expert yet ,dai nid nooy ☹. Please translations.

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    Already have subtitle klik on cc

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    Thai pipo luks talkative i hope its only in the drama

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    A kiss in first episode....we are blessed😊

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    Hope i will like it....Dear viewers is it worth watching??

  • Lindani Mbewe
    Lindani Mbewe22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Hope i will like it....Dear viewers is it worth watching??

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    English translated : Payu Sai. I have search Destiny of Us on Google but couldn't get.

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    there is already a subtitle here.. click the top right corner or cc

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    54:50 no decent and dignified person should fight like that. Sadly so many of Thai shows have these fights. Hopefully in Thai media, one day these indecent fights will stop as the rape scenes have decreased over time

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    Thanks for the English subs

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    I hope praomook have a english sub here in youtube.

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    Old lady is very big mouth !!

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    ติดตามพระเอกนางเอกและพอดีคำ พอมาเจอแม่ใหญ่ เยอะไปหน่อย หนวกหู เลยต้องขอบาย เอาไว้เรื่องหน้าจะติดตามละกัน

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    Where can I find links with tranalation ?

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    there is already a subtitle here.. click the top right corner or cc

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